In the United State of America, There are limitless stories and companies out there offering Screenprinting services.

Let me tell you that we are not an ordinary company that provides screen printing to those who come to the store and buy the product there, we are here to determine that you can order your own custom design for screenprinting.

Whenever you want. You can just email us your design with all the information that you have and what your project is all about. DigitizingSpace will help you enhance your imagination and portray them perfectly with high attention so you can screen print it anywhere you want.

we offer custom size vector logo and artwork for screenprinting, you have to do one thing which is emails us your company logo or any artwork that you need to Screen print & we will handle it.


Vectorization may be a process, where image elements of 1 image of single paths are arranged then converted into vector graphics. It basically converts images with rather poor quality into sharp high-resolution photos/logos. has the leading team within the marketplace for vectorization!. We offer a wide range of services including screenprint art; our artists are professionals in Adobe illustrator and Coral draw in converting raster images into the best quality vector image as well as providing all file formats. No matter what image it’s, or what the customer’s demand is- designers have always executed the foremost complicated projects with complete customer satisfaction.

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We offer logo vectorization and Logo creation. It may be a lengthy task but that’s what we’re for; converting low-resolution logos into desirable artwork, with prices ranging from $10 for simplistic designs to $75 for realistic designs. We also create logos and other Vector designs for any publishing needs. Register now to avail 5$ free vector designs at!

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