Custom digitizing is a way if you want to embroidery a logo with custom size. Usually, embroidery digitizing logo sizes are LEFT-CHEST, CAP, OR JACKET BACK which is standard. but if you want to digitize a custom size then you are at the right place because digitizing space have a well-experienced digitizer and logo artist available 24/7 we are not just a regular embroidery company, we are more than that thanks to our well-experienced digitizers who are capable of digitizing the design even on nontraditional size, for the product. We have become one of the leaders of this industry, We grantee you a very nice and clear Product and pay attention to the details. We have more than 3 companies serving under our name and digitizing space is one of them. we offer custom embroidery design services from your home you just have to orders your product.



  • Polo shirts.
  • T-Shirts.
  • Dress Shirts.
  • SweatShirts.
  • Demin Shirts.
  • Caps.
  • Bags.

A Dedicate person will work with you throughout the project and will make sure that every product is perfect and it’s just the way you want it to be.

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Custom logo embroidery digitizing has come an extended way since it had been first done. It is now done by professional software. in our case, we’ve gathered many highly skilled people that can process your designs into a computerized format for your home appliance. You can use the planning to be sewed onto your jackets, shirts, bags with the assistance of machine needlework. These sewing machines confirm the standard of and therefore the product’s appearance is agreeable.

Our digitized designs produce what you desire, from monochrome to varied color schemed. We provide vibrant colors and clear digitized for machine sewing that’s attractive for all. It means no fading hues, low-quality thread, or lack of detail. Get your personalized logo from threads and humanities and develop sew out with finer material of thread for the right look. By providing you with superior digitizing, we achieve our ultimate goal.



DigitizingSpace provides the best quality digitization and conversion. We work with the foremost specialized team who is best at satisfying our customers. we take reasonable measures to form the result as you expect it to be. our professional digitizers can digitize your custom designs onto any material you’d like.
DigitizingSpace deals with all kinds of embroidery digitizing and Vector Artwork Services, whether it be Company Embroidery Patches or Hat logo Embroidery; we have got it covered for you. Embroidery of business emblems could be a difficult task for a few. Still, here we’ve made and digitized for several small companies and our customer retention ratio speaks for itself.

Staying ahead within the online digitizing competition, our skilled people are always on top of technology. So, whether you need Custom Embroidery Design, uniforms, and bags. We are a team of diversified talented people that can always assist you to turn your brand’s symbol into embroidery designs.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority; hence we accept any format for the planning and specific notes that are helpful for us in our work. The digital embroidery is detailed and top quality, ensuring every penny it costs.

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