Applique is the way of joining one part of the fabric to another. It just another way to add style and depth. The base can be bags, blankets, jerseys, shirts, potholders, and any other solid or worm base for this purpose.


The purpose of using applique is to get a specific design with a detailed and diverse look. It is a handy and worthy tool in creating patterns, lettering, and pictures. It is also widely used in quilting. Moreover, the jerseys of many sports players are being designed using this technique. Therefore, it is such a skillful technique that can create stunning footage of your outfit or other valuable assets. If you want to customize your favorite sports player’s name or picture, make sure you choose DigitizingSpace.


There is a various style that can be earned using this method of applique. You can create a smooth edge style that gives a clean and precise look to the raw edges. Raw-edge applique is another style that gives a sophisticated look without utilizing the edges. Moreover, there are other styles as well that probably look keen and acute to your eyes. For instance, reverse applique, multi-needle style, decorative applique style, and felt applique. We deal with any of the styles that are mentioned above. Being experienced in this field, our team delivers reliable and expected work.

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We use different stitches while working with applique. To make your clothes and other material ornamented and decorated, we apply distinctive stitches. Usually, we apply Straight, Satin, or blanket stitches. They tend to give a tidy, shiny, and aesthetic look.


Various methods can bring up applique. Each of the methods manage to furnish a unique, artistic, and creative look. The most traditional way is sewing. However, you can get machined and fused applique as well. We deal with every sort of applique. So, please select your preferred method and let us do your work uniquely and precisely.


Applique has many brighter points; it turns your fabric stylish; you can add various textures and convey a sleek and elegant look. However, the disadvantages are that it can be a time taking procedure. Nevertheless, Digitizing Space can overlook this drawback. Our team yields accurate yet fast performance.


Digitizing Space is the qualified team that deals with any applique. Be it custom digitizing or reverse form or any other, we work with every aspect and detail to make the sew-on decoration matchless. So, make sure you choose us.

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