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We know that simple embroidered designs are beautiful. But there’s another technique that will turn your game over and convey it up a notch. 3D Puff embroidery digitizing is one other way you’ll design your products with.

One may need to notice the raised graphics on apparel lately, which is becoming quite the norm now and is a component of day-to-day attire. And you would possibly have noticed the cool, 3D Stitched designs on sport team uniforms or more commonly referred to as 3d embroidery shirts. This effect is all due to the embroidery foam. The added foam placed on a stunning angle to the prevailing design. This helps in enhancing its look and makes it more appealing. The result is thick and sturdy. The embroidery machine increases the design’s height and depth, giving it a 3D effect.


Puff embroidery isn’t something new in the market. It has existed for over 50years now, yet many of us can’t execute the task as efficiently and flawlessly together would think, and this is often not simply because it requires years of practice to execute the planning flawlessly but also because it requires years of practice to execute the planning flawlessly to master all the subsequent sorts of it.

• shirts
• hats
• Jackets

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The process of puffing your fabric, designs, and logos is certainly a touch different than regular. First, more cost and number of stitches are related to the designs, or artwork compared to your usual 2D needlework. While using

1. Sew all of your simple or 2d designs first.
2. Generate an opportunity within the machine after your former flat piece.
3. Gently place the froth over the world you would like it stitched on and begin over the machine.
4. Carefully stitch the border around your puffed area.
5. Extract the surplus foam from the art piece.
6. Clean up the artwork.

Note: the method might differ a touch concerning 3d puff hat embroidery.


Digitizing Space, we are always on top of the market. Ready to provide you with the simplest practices for 3-dimensional embroidery services. 2-dimensional Stitching that has its charm and appears but, the fascination increases when the peak and details are taken under consideration. 3D digitizing gained importance when logo embroidery gained popularity on sports uniforms and caps. Also, it is often witnessed on other accessories also.


Our qualified digitizers are capable of turning your designs or logos into effective and attractive custom designs. Our experts are all able to dazzle your eyes and show you the right results. All you’ve got to try to do is provide us with specifications and styles and leave the remainder to our professional team. The technical work is what they’re trained for. Your approval may be a part of accomplishing our goals.

Taking you alongside us, we use the stranded cotton, which may be a little glossy, to offer you an ideal look. The type and number of stitches define the outcome; Longer stitches work best with puff embroidery digitizing and provides a neater and better look. Also, we are here to assist guide you thru what can look best for your design, but your wish is our command.

You can always rectify the parts where you desire to possess puff effects that enhance your logo or design. We cater to our customers with the simplest results and hope you get the simplest out of your investment.


• When it comes right down to 3D puff the digitization of the artwork is that the most aspect of it and if not done right can make your design look utterly awful, during this case, we wouldn’t only recommend you to use an experienced digitizer but an honest digitizing software also.
• find out how to get stops at different points during the creation of your artwork. Such as, you ought to be ready to put a stop in after a change of color.
• Place the froth down and use tapes to carry its site. Once the primary stitch is in situ you don’t need to worry about the artwork moving.
• Create the borders first, then placed them on satin stitches. This border will support generating a “cut” within the foam, making it easy for you to tug out.
• Pause the machine and tear away the surplus foam.
• Finish the remainder of the artwork and canopy the puffed area.
• Use nippers to scrub the badly stitched outcome and use a heat gun to shrink any extra foam.


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